Overseas removals are becoming a more common need. Why is this? Many people are finding more lucrative job opportunities overseas, or they find that their previous overseas move is simply not a fit for their lifestyle any longer. When this is the case, we are here to help with any overseas relocation you may have!
How Overseas Relocation Works
For those who decide to move overseas, do not feel as though you must give up all your belongings! This is a common mistake, as many people feel they can only take what they can fit onto the plane. While you can do this, why buy new items once settled into your new location when our company can deliver your items to you?
When it comes to overseas removals, packing your belongings is a bit different than if you were to be moving across town. That is why we come in and do this for you. We want to ensure that your items are not damaged in transit. We can even help with removals that are relatively large such as pianos!

The Options with Overseas Removals
For many an oversea relocation is going to be a dream come true! However, they may feel a bit hesitant to take everything they own, or they may feel as though they are having to say goodbye to those items that have brought them years of memories. There is no reason to feel as if you must choose. Here at Out the Box Removals, we can transport whatever goods you need to transport to your new location. However, we can do this in one or two ways.
The first way to is to remove your belongings all in one trip. This is suitable for those who may want to get their move underway and ensure they are ready to begin fresh in their new location. The other method is to only relocate some of your items now, saving the rest for later. We would then ship these items later for you, when the time is more convenient…a great option for those who may have not found their new permanent address yet.
For those who are considering an overseas relocation and will not be needing all their items, we recommend shipping those items you will need, then utilizing UK storage for the rest of the items until you return. This way, you only ship those items needed overseas when you need it.


We take the stress out from moving house or office! Out The Box Removals covers all areas nationwide and we now offer removals overseas


You might need storage for a number of reasons! You’re moving to a new house that isn’t finished yet, You’re moving away & happy to store long/short term.


At out the box we have a large range of cardboard removal boxes available for you to buy from boxes tapes and bubble for relocating or storing.