UK storage is a great option for those who are moving and do not need their items right away, for those who are involved in an overseas location or even business removals where the business needs to store items until they are completely set up in their new location. Here at Out The Box Removals,

we offer several affordable storage solutions that will make a removals operation much easier.

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Storage Options Offered
We offer several storage options included:
1. Box Solutions
Box storage is one of the newest types of UK storage being offered. Your items are stored in a box that is in a warehouse location. You can visit this box whenever needed throughout the month, up to four times in one calendar month.
2. Container Storage
With this option, the storage comes to you. We deliver this container storage to your home or business, then help with loading these items into the container. Once these items are loaded, we then take the container storage to a warehouse for storage. When these items are needed again, we simply deliver this container to the address you provide and help with unloading these items into your new space.
3. Self Storage
Self storage is often the option that individuals utilize. These options allow you to have unlimited access to your items. Our self storage option does have security cameras to monitor the area, so you can always rest assure your items are safe and secure.
Which Storage Option is for You?
Knowing which UK storage option to utilize is a huge part of a successful removals and storage plans. We work with you to determine what your individual needs are, the budget you have in mind, and then recommend what we believe will be the best fit for each solution. With these options being affordable storage solutions, you can rest assure you are getting some of the best rates that can be offered in the area.
If you need affordable storage, look no further! Give us a call today to see how we can help you!

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